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System Faults

What is a System Fault? #

A system fault is an issue that may affect the overall performance of your alarm system. For example, the loss of internet connectivity or a power cut.


Identifying a System Fault #

A fault will always be easily identified by the flashing warning triangle on your panel.

You may have a keypad with lights instead of symbols. If this is the case, the far left light will be flashing

Knowing what the fault is #

Step 1 #

Enter your user code or scan your tag

Step 2 #

Your system will display the Active Faults followed by the specific fault. For an example, see the images below regarding what would happen during a power cut

Followed by

Step 3 #

Click NO to return back to the main screen.


Step 3a #

In some instances, you may still be able to set your alarm during a fault, but we do not recommend this. To return back to the main screen, press NO or wait 15 seconds

Self-fixing Faults #

If you have a fault caused by a short internet or WiFi dropout, the alarm system should re-connect itself once your internet has been restored. If you follow the fault identification process above once your internet connection has been restored, the fault will clear itself.


The same goes for short power cuts. As long as you have gone through the process of fault identification once the power is restored, the alarm system will clear the fault.


When to contact us #

If your fault won’t clear or there has been a prolonged power outage, please seek advice from us via chat, email, or phone.