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Sharing your cameras

To help you share your cameras with friends and family, please follow the easy guide below.


Step 1 #

Open the Hik-Connect mobile application on your primary device


Step 2 #

From the main screen, click on the share icon for your cameras. This icon can be found on the right of your screen next to the settings icon

Step 3 #

Click ‘Share via QR Code’. This will then generate and display a QR code on your primary device


Step 4 #

Swap over to your secondary device and open up the Hik-Connect mobile application


Step 5 #

From the main screen of your second device, click on the add icon ‘⊕’ at the top right of your screen


Step 6 #

Select ‘Scan QR Code’

*You may need to allow the Hik-Connect app to access your camera*


Step 7 #

Scan the QR code that is being displayed on your primary device with your secondary device


Step 8 #

Click on ‘Apply for Sharing’


Step 9 #

Once scanned, everything is now complete for your secondary device


Step 10 #

Switch back to your primary device and navigate back to the main screen by using the back arrow at the top left. You should see a blue banner that has popped up displaying ‘You have 1 new sharing(s)’.

*If you have no blue banner, pull down on your screen or close and re-open the app to refresh the app*


Step 11 #

Click on the blue banner


Step 12 #

Click on ‘Select to-be-shared channels’


Step 13 #

Select the cameras you would like to share with your secondary device. To do this, click on the circle on the left. Once clicked, it should turn blue


Step 14 #

Once you’ve selected all the cameras you are wanting to share, click ‘Finish’ at the bottom of your screen. You will now be directed back a page


Step 15 #

Click ‘Accept’ on the right.

*You may need to refresh the app on the second device for the cameras to show up*


Amazing! You’ve completed our help guide. If you still need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can do this by sending a message to us or emailing us at