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Playback via Hik-Connect mobile app

The following instructions will guide you through the process of how to view your CCTV recordings via the mobile app.


Step 1 #

Open the Hik-Connect mobile application on your primary device

Step 2 #

From the main screen, click on the playback icon at the top right of your screen


Step 3 #

Select the cameras you would like to view the playback for. To do this, click on the circle on the left. Once clicked, it should turn blue

*You can only select a maximum of 4 cameras at one time, however, we do recommend only playing back 1 camera at a time*


Step 4 #

Click ‘Start Playback’ at the bottom of your screen. You will now be on the main playback screen


Parameters #

Changing the date #

To change the date, click on the date in the centre of the screen. You will be shown a calendar where you can select a date from. On this calendar, there will be red dots under each number. Where you see a red dot, this means there are recordings available.


Changing the time #

Option 1 – Click on the time just underneath the date. From here a pop-up will be shown where you can select a specific time


Option 2 – Drag the blue bar left to right. You will see the time change as you do this and the red vertical line in the middle represents the time selected.


Controls #

Download #

To download, click the downward arrow (far left icon). This will open a separate page where you can select a section of up to 2 minutes and a minimum of 10 seconds. You will need to navigate to the date and time you’re looking for first before clicking the download icon.


Speed #

To change the speed, click on ‘1x’. (to the left of the pause/play). From here you can either speed up or slow down the playback.


Pause/play #

To pause playback, click ⏸️ in the middle of the screen. To resume, click ▶️


Screengrab #

To take a screengrab within the app, just click the camera icon. However, you can also take a screenshot directly from your phone.


Event Playback #

To see the recordings bookmarked during an intrusion or motion alert, click ‘Event Playback’ at the bottom of the screen. Here you can select different dates and scroll through all the events that happened that day.