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Changing Master Manager Code

Step 1 #

To login to the Master Manager menu, press D followed by your current code

Step 2 #

Use the NO key to scroll through the menu until you find EDIT USERS? If you accidentally pass this menu option, don’t worry as the menu will keep looping around.

Step 3 #

Once you reach EDIT USERS?, click YES. You will now have entered the Edit Users menu

Step 4 #

Add New User will now be displayed. Click NO twice.

Step 5

Change Master Manager Code will now be displayed. Click YES to continue


Step 6 #

Enter your new code

Step 7

Once your new code has been entered, press YES to continue


Step 7 #

Click A to save your settings. Your keypad will display Please Wait, Saving NVM Data


Step 8 #

Your keypad will now go back to the main screen